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2014: The year that was. Thank you!

Let me start by wishing you a very happy and successful New Year 2015! It is indeed the time for sharing, building, and helping people who matter to you the most.

And the people who matter to us are our dear families, our close friends, and of course, our fabulous clients.

2014 has been a great year for BUZZVALVE. To start with, our revenues have grown by over 100% and our client base has nearly doubled since the last year (2013–14). Thanks to all the good karma shown by our dear friends in the startup & corporate fraternity, as well as the media — our cost of customer acquisition is at a record low, noting that 7 out of every 10 new business relationships were driven purely through word-of-mouth/referrals. Quite honestly, we couldn’t have done it without your help, support, and generosity.

We had the opportunity to work with some unbelievably nice people on the most amazing projects.

From a boutique honey brand to a global pharmaceutical company, from a men’s fashion startup to a major industrial manufacturing conglomerate, and quite a few in-between — the past year has been nothing short of sheer awesome-ness. If there’s one thing that comes to mind today, it’s this:

Let’s do it again!

We started the year uncertain of where we were heading. In hindsight, I think we have always been a little anxious about our growth rate ever since we started the business back in 2010, because we have had to iterate and tweak our business model quite a few times to make sure that we hit our “sweet spot”.

The elusive “sweet spot”. Took us a while!

The elusive “sweet spot”. Took us a while!

Some companies hit it early. Some hit it late. And then some, who never hit it. I’m just glad we did and validated the point of being in business for a long time to come. There were times when we grew too fast, too quick — and had to hit the brakes.

I could confidently say that it has taken us nearly 4 years to find a good service-market fit. Now that we seem to have found it, all those weeks of turbulence may not have been a bad thing after all considering we learned a lot along the way ☺

People who believed in us embraced this uncertainty and encouraged us to keep moving forward, especially when we were not sure of many things about our own selves. It takes a lot to be able to do that for someone else. That trust is something that we have valued most dearly. Thank you so much for believing in us!

By no means does this mean that we have “arrived”. Far from it, actually. But is that even a thing? We want to work doubly hard this year and keep doing what we do best. We’d like to “crush it”.

Waiting. The train hasn’t “arrived” yet.


Nothing gives us greater pleasure than working with amazing companies, large and small, and managing their content marketing programs. By creating, distributing, promoting, and converting their content with a data-driven focus, we want to help our clients attract more customers, generate more revenue, enter newer markets, create more thought leadership, and build more brand recall for them this year!

To achieve our goal, we will be adding a lot of structure and process to a significant part of our business and how we go about conducting it. But not in a way where we cease to become a human-centric entity or anything that takes away our biggest value proposition to you. The industry has a jargon for it: ‘productised services’. I believe there couldn’t have been a better time for us to take this call and move in that direction.

What I can tell you definitively today is that we are going to be listening to you very closely and building this out based on what we have already learned from working with you. The road ahead is challenging, but exhilarating. So, here’s a toast to 2015.

I’m taking the liberty to tell you that you’ll love us even more than you do today.

FYI: We’re hiring top-notch writers and editors across every specialisation, function, vertical or industry you can possibly think of! Location isn’t a big deal. Join us and you’ll live on to tell a grand story. Drop me a note at and we’ll get the conversation started…

Mahalo & god speed!