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We prefer working with businesses who have a documented content strategy.

Why? Because, that’s how you win. No operation can be executed successfully without a proper plan. Wouldn’t you agree?

If your company does not have a content strategy in place, then we’re happy to help you create a great one. Something that’s truly worthy and long-lasting.

Working closely with a highly-experienced team of independent content strategists gives us a huge advantage. We’re able to leverage their expertise on-demand

Here’s what a typical content strategy engagement would include:

  • Audience Personas
  • Content Inventory & Audit
  • Content Workflow & Funnels
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Pipeline & Immediate Action Items
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Team Roles & Responsibilities
  • Publishing, Distribution, Promotion, & Syndication
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting

From a timeline perspective, a one-time strategy engagement with us would be between 50- 100 hours long. This would be stretched over 4-8 weeks depending on our work schedule. In addition, we may request for air travel and hotel accommodations for one/two persons, if we feel the need for an onsite visit.

Feel free to connect with us and explore how we can help you grow into a contemporary content powerhouse!